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I’m Anita and I love doing the escape room type of mysteries you can do at home. Most of the time I do these mysteries by myself but sometimes other people join the fun.

There are so many different mystery boxes to try. Some are a monthly or quarterly subscription. Some are a variety of one time boxes. A lot of them are murder mysteries. Others are more family oriented.

We will have reviews of some of the different the boxes. Also we will compare the different mystery companies and help you find ones you will love. You will find the mysteries that are best for family nights or date nights or any other kind of fun. Some mysteries you will need to be the detective and dig through the evidence to solve a case. Others are more puzzled based, and some others are a combination of both.

Mystery Boxes in a stack

I have not done a box I haven’t loved yet, so you could start with any of them. Some of the mysteries are more family friendly than others.

I subscribe to and buy these boxes myself. I do not have any affiliation with the companies and do not get any compensation for reviewing them.

Have you tried any of the mystery boxes yet? Which ones are your favorites?


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  1. Anita, I have only heard of escape room mysteries! Actually, I saw an escape room on Private Eyes in maybe Season 2, and they made it seem like great fun for 2. Your post today is the first time I’ve heard of there being mystery boxes– cool!

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