Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom

Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom

Before we get to the Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom Review here is some information about the monthly mystery boxes.

About Deadbolt Mystery Society

Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription with a new mystery each month. Each box has puzzles to solve, clues to find and evidence to follow. Each month is a stand alone mystery and they all seem to take place in Valley Falls. I have not done them all to be sure though. The Will Street Detective Agency investigates the mysteries and you work for them.

  • $24.99 plus shipping and tax a month.
  • 1 – 4 players.
  • 2 – 3 hour game.
  • Internet access needed.

Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom Review

Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom

Description (from the Deadbolt Mystery Society website):

Ransom (August 2018) – Sasha Millington, daughter of real estate magnate, Warren Bankhead, was kidnapped during a gala celebrating the opening of the Sioux exhibit at the Valley Falls Museum. A ransom note has been received demanding ten million dollars in exchange for her return. Time is running out. Discover the kidnapper’s true identity and motive for abducting her before it is too late. Difficulty Rating – 6/10

Thoughts About This Mystery:

Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom contents

This was a good one, the theme was a kidnapping, so no murders to investigate this mystery. It includes a kidnapping, gambling, poker and a Gala.

There were a lot of suspects to investigate and eliminate. Family, Friends, Employees… who did the kidnapping..?

This mystery box had a good amount of puzzles and a variety of different kinds.

All the suspects could be eliminated but I totally missed the clues in one puzzle and didn’t eliminate one of the suspects I should have. Not all of the suspects were eliminated by the puzzles, which was the thing that I got messed up on.

This mystery is occasionally available as a one time purchase through the Deadbolt Mystery Society website. If that mystery isn’t available, there is usually a good choice of past mystery to choose from.

*I am not affiliated with Deadbolt Mystery Society, I just love their mysteries.


3 thoughts on “Deadbolt Mystery Society Ransom

  1. What a fun idea! These must be both challenging and rewarding to create. All the best with this unique new venture. I can think of people who would really get a get out of this so I will send along the link.

  2. Yes pass along the link, there are quite a few companies that do at home mysteries. I don’t make them but love to solve the cases. Thanks for visiting!

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