DMS stack of boxes

Deadbolt Mystery Society Reviews

Deadbolt Mystery Society Reviews

DMS stack of boxes

Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription for at home detectives.

If you subscribe, each month you will receive a mystery box filled with evidence, interviews and puzzles to solve.

How does Deadbolt Mystery Society work? Check out What is Deadbolt Mystery Society and other questions post.

Here are some of the reviews of Deadbolt Mystery cases that we have finished.

Murder in 3B 


The Haunting of Indigo House

The Wrath Of Nero


Return to Hideaway Motel


The Cabin

The Seaside Strangler

The Jester


Sweet Tooth

The Old and Hidden Secret 

Check back to see what we thought of other cases when we complete them.

Subscribe to Deadbolt Mystery Society here and get a new mystery every month

I am not affiliated with Deadbolt Mystery Society, I just enjoy the mysteries. I subscribe and buy these myself.


2 thoughts on “Deadbolt Mystery Society Reviews

  1. What a wonderful idea. This sounds like a lot of fun. I have always enjoyed who-done-it movies & books like Agatha Christie. The Deadbolt Mystery Society brings us into the action. I can live out my fantasy of being a detective, lol.

  2. Before the days of internet I would read all them time. My favorite was mysteries! I really need to get back to reading, that’s for the list.

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