Escape the Crate Ice Age Review

Escape From Ice Age Park Review

Before we get to Escape from Ice Age Park review, here is a little information about Escape the Crate.

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About Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate is an escape room type adventure delivered to your home bi monthly. The Clockmaker sends you a mission box to go back in time and fix issues in a certain time period. Each Mission is a new theme that includes codes to break, clues to find and mysteries to solve. The box itself is used to solve the puzzles.

  • $29.99 plus shipping, for a bi monthly subscription, $39.99 for retired missions.
  • 1-4 players.
  • 1-2 hour game.
  • Internet access is required.

Escape From Ice Age Park Review

Escape the Crate Ice Age Review


You are going to the opening of a new theme park called Ice Age Park. An enemy has gone back in time and grabbed some extinct animals, then opened the Ice Age Park. You are investigating how much damage has been done to the timeline and you have to hurry before a winter storm hits.

Escape the Crate Ice Age contents

Thoughts on this mission:

I was not real sure I would like the Ice Age theme but the missions sounded fun and the ice theme looked cool. This kit has been one of my favorites so far (finished 4).

It is great that they include things in the kits besides just papers and I love how they use these items as clues or puzzles.

This theme was so cool and the missions were fun. I love how everything connects and it used for something in the game.

Figuring out some of the puzzles took a few steps and involved a few different props, it made the puzzles harder to figure out. A lot of the things included in the box were used a few times, which I think makes it harder because you think you are finished with something and forget about it and it comes back later. I need to be better about looking back at things.

The more I finished these kits the more I love them, I can’t wait until the next box comes, too bad they are only available every other month.

You can get Escape From Ice Age Park as a retired mission here.

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Have you done any of the Escape the Crate boxes? Which one is your favorite?

I am not affiliated with Escape the Crate, I just enjoy the mysteries. I subscribe and buy these myself.


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