Escape the Lost Colony

Escape the Lost Colony Review

Before we get to Escape the Lost Colony review, here is a little information about Escape the Crate.

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About Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate is an escape room type adventure delivered to your home bi-monthly. The Clockmaker sends you a mission box to go back in time and fix issues in a certain time period. Each Mission is a new theme that includes codes to break, clues to find and mysteries to solve. The box itself is used to solve the puzzles.

Escape the Lost Colony Review

Escape the Lost Colony


You and your team are traveling back to England’s first attempt at a colony, Roanoke. You have to identify a suspect in some disappearances and fix the time machine to get back home.

Escape the Lost Colony contents

Thoughts on this mission:

This is a family friendly kit, It does mention a body and one of the clues/puzzles involves a body but it isn’t too grisly or descriptive.

This is an older mission and had a homemade feeling about it, which I loved. The papers used in the box are all the same, not fancy or professionally printed and the top of the box has a photo taped on. It isn’t fancy and I love to see that the company started out so simple and grew in the last few years. I was a little disappointed when I opened the box and there were only a few papers, some leaves and 2 envelopes to open. Once you get into it and open the envelopes there are a ton of things to do and lots of puzzles to solve. In the end it wasn’t disappointing at all.

This mission seems more focused on timing than some of the later ones I have finished. Since I haven’t done more of the older missions I don’t know if they are all as time focused as this one seems to be. I didn’t finish the box in the longest time you are able to choose, I was side tracked a few times. If you do want to play with a time limit they have one puzzle where you can add more time to your clock.

I enjoyed this box and I plan on ordering a few of the older mission during the annual sale, I like some of the other themes.

If this is a family activity, older kids would enjoy it. Since most of the puzzles were hard it might not be for younger kids. Like mentioned before, there is mention of a body but it isn’t too descriptive or grisly.

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I am not affiliated with Escape the Crate, I just enjoy the mysteries. I subscribe and buy these myself.


2 thoughts on “Escape the Lost Colony Review

  1. Interesting! I haven’t heard of that before. But I can see how it might be a fun family activity. I don’t really like mysteries anymore, but I did when I was a child. I used to read all the Nancy Drew books.

  2. How fun is this? Perfect for a family game night. I didn’t know games like this existed. Thanks for the introduction to something new and cool.

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