Machu Picchu review contents

Finders Seekers Machu Picchu Review

Before we get to the Finders Seekers Machu Picchu Review here is a little bit of information about Finders Seekers.

Finders Seekers

Finders Seekers Box

A monthly subscription that takes you to a new city each month. It is like an escape room at home where you explore cities and cultures while solving puzzles.

Finders Seekers Machu Picchu Review

Machu Picchu review contents


For this box you are going on an archaeological dig at the Inca city of Machu Picchu.

In the box are ten field notes, they have information about different ruin sites. Then on the back of the notes are the puzzles. Solving the puzzles lead to names, numbers or phrases which identify dig sites. You find the dig sites on the enclosed map, then you scratch off the identified areas from the puzzles. Complete all ten puzzles then visit a website for the last part of the puzzle.

Field notes from Finders Seekers Machu Picchu review

The hints for this adventure are on the back of the start letter and the answers to each puzzle are online. So unless you need the answers, the first 10 puzzles are all contained in the box.

This was the first adventure I have done with Finders Seekers. I didn’t know what to expect in the box but I was not that interested in the theme, Machu Picchu.

When I opened the kit it contained a packet of information sheets and some other things. The packet of sheets had information about the ruins of Machu Picchu. The other things included in the kit are: compass, bracelet, map, brochure, cards with circles, and ring puzzle.

The first three puzzles were pretty easy and I didn’t need to read any of the hints. The fourth puzzle I could not figure out and had to read a hint and then I was like duh, I could have figure that out. I could not figure out the puzzle with the brick wall. I read all the hints, gave it many tries and finally had to look at the answer. It was not making sense to me. The wheel puzzle was another I needed help with. I even went online to the group page to see if I could find any more hints to figure it out. Once you figure out how the wheel lines up it goes pretty quick. I figured out the rest of the puzzles in the box without too much trouble.

Finders Seekers Machu Picchu ring and map

Most of the puzzles were not too difficult and were enjoyable. An archaeological dig was a good theme for Machu Picchu. The information included and the puzzles worked good with that theme. It turned out to be a great first box to try out this subscription.

This box is more family friendly than some other mystery boxes. Finders Seekers recommends 10 years old and up. This particular box was information about Machu Picchu and then solving the puzzles. I am not sure if every box has the same set up. Since the order they get finished doesn’t matter, a few people can be working on different puzzles at a time.

I enjoyed the contents and puzzles of this adventure. I decided to subscribe and try this for a few more months.




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