Murder Mystery Box

Murder Mystery Box: A Score to Settle

Here is a little information about the Murder Mystery Box:

Murder Mystery Box

Murder Mystery Box is a quarterly mystery sent out 4 times a year and the schedule is on website

Subscription: $26.99 for a Quarterly subscription.

Players: one, it is more of a solo mystery since the mystery is within the journal.

Time: 2 hours, could be faster, depends on how fast you read.

A Score To Settle: Murder Mystery Box

Murder Mystery Box

Description from Murder Mystery Box website:

A college reunion at a zip line park turns out to be far more dangerous than anyone expected. Secrets of the past have a way revealing themselves.

Will there be any survivors of this nightmarish adventure park or will it become their final resting place?

Thoughts about this mystery:

Murder Mystery Box contents

I wanted to love this mystery because it looked and sounded like a cool set up, a journal and some evidence envelopes. I do like the mysteries where you solve them by reading the evidence.

The envelopes were some papers and a few other pieces of evidence, I feel like these things that were included in the envelopes could have just been included in the journal book as photos. I guess that they are just trying to make the mysteries more immersive. The things that were included were some photos, pieces of rope, things like that.

You wouldn’t be able to do this mystery with someone else or a group of people because all the mystery is in the journal and only one person at a time can read it. It probably couldn’t be read aloud it would take hours to read it, you could take turns reading I guess. It took me almost 2 hours to complete this mystery.

I didn’t mind this particular mystery but I don’t think I would like to regularly do this kind of case, it is a lot of reading one thing. I like the kind of mystery where you dig through the evidence to solve the case. There are no puzzles or case files with this one. I have only done this one case from Murder Mystery Box, I don’t know if they are all like this but reading about the different cases on the website it seems like they are set up the same way for each case, with a journal you read for the clues.

Check out the website for more of the one time boxes or to subscribe.

*I am not affiliated with Murder Mystery Box, I just like doing mystery cases.

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