Vandermist Dossier

Vandermist Dossier Review

Vandermist Dossier Review

Vandermist Dossier is a Kickstarter that is launching today.

This box will be part of a trilogy but it can be played as a stand alone mystery.

About Diorama Games:

  • $41 plus shipping and tax.
  • 1 – 5 players.
  • 2 – 3 hours to complete.
  • Internet access is needed to get the hints.

Vandermist Dossier

What is the Vandermist Dossier:

The mystery takes place in a small Dutch town, you are searching among Cold War secrets and clues left by a missing girl to answer the questions that will solve the mystery.

Thoughts about this mystery:

Vandermist Dossier Contents

Just upon opening this box you could see the excellent quality of the elements included in the mystery and a note included in the review box said they are going to further improve the quality of a few of the items before the mystery is released. I can’t imagine what they can improve to make this better because it is already great.

There was a lot of thought and attention to detail put into the making of the elements. From the stamps and cancellations inked on the letter, to the burned edges of the license, and the handwriting and coffee stains in the notebook. Also great details in a few of the other surprises that I will not ruin.

The mystery itself had a good variety of things to figure out, it is not only puzzles. I found it very challenging and I needed to use a few hints to figure out some things.

The hints and answers will be online when the box releases and the mystery ends with a set up for the next mystery to come in the series of three.

Vandermist Dossier is an immersive and challenging mystery with some unique twists and turns thrown in that I have not seen before. It will be a great addition to your mystery game collection. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

If you love mystery boxes you will want this mystery!

Support the Kickstarter.

I received a complementary mystery box from Diorama Games to review.

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