what is deadbolt mystery society

What is Deadbolt Mystery Society and other questions

Maybe you have heard about those escape rooms you can do at home but what is Deadbolt Mystery Society?

What is Deadbolt Mystery Society?

what is deadbolt mystery society


Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly escape room type of adventure delivered to you every month. The mysteries are all standalone stories that do not require other boxes to complete.

Each month you receive your mystery which includes puzzles, evidence and interviews. You work through the contents to find a solution to the mystery.

How do you start a Deadbolt Mystery Society box?

Each mystery comes with a beginning brief that will usually point you in the right direction. If you need more help after that the files section of the website has a quick start guide that will give you a little more help. Some older boxes do not have a quick start guide.

How long does it take to do a Deadbolt Mystery Society box?

I think the website says anywhere from 1 to 3 hours but I have not done in an hour so I am going to say 2-3 hours for the full monthly boxes. The mini mysteries take a little less time.

Is Deadbolt Mystery Society a one time use?

There are some puzzle pages to work out and if you write on them then you can not use the box again. If you don’t write on them then you can do the mystery again but the outcome doesn’t change. I can do them once and then come back another time because I usually forget how they are solved.

Is Deadbolt Mystery Society worth it?

Of course, I personally think they are worth it. If you enjoy going to escape rooms that would cost $25 or more for each person. The monthly box will cost you $24.99 plus shipping, it ends up much cheaper than getting together with a few friends and going to an escape room.

Where are the Deadbolt Mystery Society answers?

On the Deadbolt Mystery Society website there is a tab on the top of the page that says files and you can click that and then scroll down and choose which box you are working on. There will be a few different documents you can get for each mystery. Most have a quick start guide, contents list, hints page and then a solutions page.

Can I buy Deadbolt Mystery Society previous mystery boxes?

Not all the past mysteries are available but there is usually a good selection of previous mysteries on their website under the one time boxes section. They seem to add older mysteries occasionally to so check back and see what is available.

4 thoughts on “What is Deadbolt Mystery Society and other questions

  1. What an interesting concept! I have never been to an escape room because they sort of give me the creeps. And then I got offended by the storyline of one of the local ones and it turned me off but this idea sounds intriguing!

  2. You can buy the one time boxes and they tell you what it is about so you don’t have to buy the ones that don’t sound good.

  3. This is neat! My daughter currently works at an Escape Room (she’s been a fan for years) so this could make a fun b-day present for her in the near future…
    I am so “with you” on possibly being able to do the mystery again 😉

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