Escape the Crate boxes

What is Escape the Crate and other questions

Maybe you have heard about some escape room subscriptions but what is Escape the Crate?

What is Escape the Crate?

Escape the Crate boxes

Escape the Crate is an escape room type adventure delivered to your home bi monthly. The Clockmaker sends you a mission box to go back in time and fix issues in a certain time period. Each Mission is a new theme that includes codes to break, clues to find and mysteries to solve. The box itself is used to solve the puzzles.

How do you start Escape the Crate?

Each mission box has a welcome letter from The Clockmaker. In the letter is the website you need to go to and the password you need to start.

Circus Heist intro letter

When you get to this page

Starting page of Circus Heist

scroll to the bottom where it asks “Got your Crate?” Click Here and click that and it will bring you to the page where you will input the password.

Circus Heist starting point

Once you put the password in it will show you how to set up the material in the box to start the game.

Circus Heist set up

Each section you go through you get to a page where you have a choice to read the page or listen to an audio file. This is nice especially if you are using a smartphone, then everyone can hear it. Also, some of these unlocked pages have online puzzles to solve which adds more to the game.

Scroll to the bottom of each page and click on the button to enter the password.

Once you are through the set up pages there will be a list of objectives to unlocked at each point in the game. Even though there are a few options, you can usually only do one at a time.

You can open one hint at a time instead of having a list of hints. The first few hints are pretty vague. Sometimes that is all you need to point you in the right direction.Each completed puzzle only opens one of the listed options. Sometime it will appear to have more choices by list of options that appear. You can’t move to the next step until you unlock something. Each option will have different requirements to move forward. For example: locked with 3 numbers, locked with a word, locked with 5 numbers. So if the puzzle anwer is 3 numbers there is only one option that it will open. Each puzzle lists what they are looking for answer (ex. 3 numbers).

Only one puzzle is working at a time before you move on, so other people in the group are not able to work on other puzzles. This can be a good thing, sometimes it takes a few people to figure out what you should be doing next.


What is Escape the Crate

How long does Escape the Crate take?

1 – 2 hours should be enough time to complete each box. There is a list of times you can choose, we do play for fun.

Is Escape the Crate a one time use?

Yes the missions are a one time use, you can do the mission again but it doesn’t change the outcome.

Is Escape the Crate worth it?

Of course I personally think they are worth it. If you enjoy going to escape rooms that would cost $25 or more for each person. The bi monthly box will cost you $29.99 plus shipping, it ends up much cheaper than getting together with a few friends and going to an escape room.

Where are the answers for the Escape the Crate missions?

Each page you unlock on the games website has a list of hints and at the bottom of the hints is the solution to each puzzle. The answers are given at each section if you can’t figure it out.

Can I buy Escape the Crate’s retired missions?

Yes you can buy some of the retired missions but not all of them at the Escape the Crate shop.


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  1. I find it frustrating when trying to work with family/people. I mostly do the at home mysteries by myself, sometimes one of my kids joins in but if there is more then one of them they bicker which gets frustrating.

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